Winter-proof your property

Winter is on its way which means you need to act now to winter-proof your rental property. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Clear gutters and drainpipes.
    Over summer, leaves and other debris can build up in your gutters and roof valleys. If you leave this rubbish in place, it could lead to overflowing or blocked gutters, which could damage your brickwork and roof cavity. Before the winter rains hit, you’ll need to give your gutters and roof a thorough clean. If debris is an ongoing problem, consider buying and fitting a leaf gutter guard for extra protection.
  2. Prune overhanging trees and shrubs.
    Overhanging branches from large trees can bring down power lines or cause significant damage to your roof in a storm. Organise for a professional tree lopper to take care of any branches that could cause problems over the course of winter.
  3. Fix any broken roof tiles.
    Broken, cracked or missing roof tiles can cause a lot of damage to your roof over winter. Water can enter your roof space, exposed neighbouring tiles can be damaged and lifted by wind and heat can escape through the gaps, rendering your winter heating efforts useless. Do a quick check of your roof and organise to repair or replace any tiles that need fixing.

(Image credit: mccun934)