The winter sprinkler ban is over

The winter sprinkler ban finished at the end of August, which means all scheme water users in the Perth metro area and parts of the South-West can switch back to their regular two-day-a-week sprinkler roster

However, just because you can turn on your sprinklers doesn’t mean you should. We’ve had a lot of rain over the last few weeks and the Water Corporation is urging us to conserve while we can. Our advice? If cool temperatures or rain are forecast, save some water and turn off your reticulation.

Reminder about new water bills

While we’re on the subject of water, we’d like to remind all tenants that the Water Corporation recently changed their billing frequency. Instead of half-yearly bills, tenants will be issued with water bills every two months. The change was made in an effort to keep water charges down as well as being more accurate in detecting leaks.

If you have any question about the change, please let us know