Security For Your Rental Property – Helpful Tips For Tenants

Home security for tenants is a tricky thing.

While a property is at risk for theft and break-ins, tenants don’t have the ability to install many of the security features out there. This is often due to the requirements that owners have in place. After all, some installations can cause damage to the property and make some properties unappealing to future renters.

A practical solution for tenants to secure the property they are living in are wireless items, You will still need permission from the owner, but as these are less intrusive they are more likely to agree.

Wireless items come in the form of alarms, cameras and other tools. They can be installed without having to run wires through walls or permanently place an object. Just place your carbon monoxide sensor, smoke detector, security light, window and door sensors where they need to go. Then everything is activated with the click of a button and you can enjoy total home security.

All rental properties should now comply with the minimum security standard so security for tenants just got a whole lot better. If you’re not sure if your property complies contact your Property Manager or email Rentwest for some friendly assistance.

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