Maximising Space In Property

Space, the final frontier.

Well different kind of space but I’m glad I have your attention. This blog will look at some simple cheat ways at maximising space in your property. There will be some tips suitable to ball occupiers, and a few good ones that will help property owners maximise usable space.

Dual purpose furniture.

The first tip for creating space is to maximise the use of furniture. That may seem self-explanatory however how many people have really considered the multipurpose uses of a table. When looking at buying furniture for your home consider how many functions this piece of furniture offers. Let’s start in the bedroom. Personally I love a low frame bed however it is pretty much useless for underneath storage, apart from maybe shoes and an old travel bag folded eight times and stuffed into the centre. When looking at beds consider those that have drawers underneath or even those where the mattress lifts for extra storage. You now have great storage for those items that you don’t need every day, spare bed clothes, spare duvets, beach towels etc and presto… there’s now more space on the wardrobe shelves for items needed to be more at hand. In the children’s room, let them have some creative space with a bunk bed with desk underneath. This gives them great study space and also makes use of the wasted space above the bed. Well, so as long as they can get away with not bumping their heads of the ceiling.

When looking at bedside tables, opt for a unit which has a drawer and a shelve, this way all the untidy items like phone chargers, headphones and anything else your other half moans about can be neatly tucked away in the drawer. This makes more room on top for an irrelevant photo or a candle that can never be lit.

In the dining room, why not look at a foldable table. This can be changed to seat 2, 4 or even sometimes 8 for those extra popular people. When you’re not entertaining it makes a great
telephone table or additional shelf. It’s also possible to get what are known as fashion tables, a dining table in which the top can be slid off to reveal the hidden wonder of a pool or air hockey table.

My personal favourite would be the classic futon said with an accent for anyone in that tight studio space. Also, be aware that the location of furniture can be key. A shoe rack at the front of your property can mean those shoes that always seem to go missing when you’re trying to get the kids out the door for the school room now have a place.

Make use of light.

Natural light, if you hadn’t noticed is in abundance so it is best to make as much use as you can which can give the illusion of space within the property. Both homeowners and tenants alike can use these tips to maximise light within their home. When choosing your window treatments as well as looking at blocking light for when you wish to sleep, be sure that they do not block light coming in. When you have your curtains open ensure they do not impose on the window space and block light. Window awning are a beautiful window treatment however they are a permanent partial block on natural light. Maybe another form of blinds would be suitable.

Be sure to have as many mirrors about the property. They are the best form of reflecting light around the property. Avoid, where possible, dark non reflective surfaces which soak up light.

Another point which is often overlooked, make sure your property is clean! Keeping fixtures, bulbs, and windows clean will let the light you do have shine.


We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world with ‘almost’ year round sun. Embrace that sun and use the outdoor space as a living area, thus freeing up some valuable space inside. A simple table and chairs creates a great dining area, or even go one further with an outdoor bbq to function as a second kitchen. Do you have a window from the kitchen that opens up to the rear? Make use of the space on the other side and create a breakfast bar outside.

Create that focal point with an outdoor fireplace or firepit. This gives a point for everyone to group around and also takes away from the TV, we can never go wrong here. A simple outdoor sofa or chair can mean a relaxing reading, study or work space.

Take care of Mother Nature

Ensure your gardens are taken care of and all trees are pruned. This adds to the possibility of outdoor space and ensures no natural light is blocked. What about creating a frame and have some vines to cover and create an enclosure. If you’re limited to a small courtyard or balcony do not discount the benefit of potted plants and small garden beds. They can really brighten up the space and also give a reason to be outside and get some great Australian air!

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