Suburb Spotlight – Canning Vale

Our featured suburb for the month of June is Canning Vale. Are you thinking about renting in the area? Here are some quick facts about this popular southern suburb.

  • Canning Vale is 20km south of the Perth CBD
  • It was mainly farming land up until the late 1970’s.
  • Residential development began in the area after it was re-zoned in 1994.
  • As of the 2011 census Canning Vale has a population of 30,666.
  • The suburb is ethnic and religiously diverse with 15% of residents claiming Chinese or Indian ancestry. Buddhism and Islam were the fourth and fifth most practised beliefs in the suburb respectively (after Catholicism, no religion and Anglicanism).
  • Schools in the area include Canning Vale Primary School, Ranford Primary School, Campbell Primary School, Excelsior Primary School, Caladenia Primary School, St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School and Canning Vale College.

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