Will Mozart Make My Child Smarter?

The above has been a phrase used on the myth of parenting for some time.

I know some people who swear that classical music is a must to play whilst your child is in their early years which is where their minds develop the most. (I must stress I am a man and have no expertise in working with children, I have only been told this)

Being a property manager some of the most unusual tips you find come from your tenants and the routine inspections. I found about gardening at one of my most recent inspections. I attended the property and was looking forward to meeting the tenant. I had undertaken a couple inspections before and they always had the garden immaculate and had loads of new exciting additions to the garden bed (they have an understanding owner who allowed them a bit of creative space). When I attended they were playing Jazz music in the back garden which I didn’t think anything of until at the end of the inspection they closed and locked the back door. I felt compelled to ask if they were going to turn off the music as it seemed odd to waste electricity in the garden if they were inside. It was at this point I was informed the Jazz music was not for the tenant, it was for her plants. They advised the low tones of Jazz music helped to stimulate growth. I must say this was a first for me to hear and I was sceptical although I must admit…the plants looked awesome!!

What tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve to help stimulate growth in the garden??

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