The Ghosts That Sublet

Things that go ‘bump’ in the night…

Everyone knows a good ghost story, the one that has you on the edge of your seat around the campfire until the storytellers friend jumps out from behind a bush causing you to leap out of your seat, scream like a girl and cry for you mum…. No, just me? Boy scouts was a hard time in my life.
In the real estate world, particularly property management we have heard some good ones. Doors closing randomly, lights turning themselves on, appliances turning on during the night, even one extreme case of having a priest needed to exorcise the property. The worst, the most terrifying, spine tingling, horrific, life changing event ever to happen however has to…. ‘The ghost that threatened to sublet’.

I realise this might be a bit anticlimactic but there is some truth in this! We know of a tenant who moved into a property that is thought to have a history of being built on ‘sacred ground’. Thoughts of the horrendous scenes of pet sematary spring to mind or that terrible Simpson’s episode about the Indian burial ground. A tenant seen, and heard some unusual things after being in the property for several weeks however the most unusual of all is when the tenant inferred that the ‘ghost’ had spoken to them and told them they would sublet the property. I must admit I am quite perplexed at the legal standing and how this would even be possible, although the court proceedings would be extremely interesting. It’s incredible when you think about all the strange things that you think happened in your property. Maybe someone, or something was trying to drop some hints.

Food for thought, do you think this is the real reasoning behind the term Ghost tenants?

So what unusual and bewildering experiences have you experienced in your rental property? Be sure to tell your property manager. It makes for some great reading material ☺

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