Itsy Bitsy Spider…

Maybe the version of Itsy bitsy spider I learned at school was a bit different. I always took that spiders wanted to stay as far away from water as possible. Oh that is the real version? I think
someone should reassure our PM Kacie after her encounter when asked to check the reticulation. The day began like any other, a barrage of cries for our glorious property managers. On this particular day one of those cries was for Kacie to test the reticulation on a vacant property. With the confidence and enthusiasm she uses to approach every aspect of her day Kacie rose to the challenge. The day went on with little relevance to this issue apart from Kacie scheduling a time to attend the property.

And so the moment came, Kacie blasting ‘You’re the best around’ from the Karate Kid in the car to pump herself up for the task ahead. She arrives, a glow of light beaming from the car door as she approaches the property, just another day in the office to Kacie.

Kacie was on a mission, straight to the retic controller she went. As she approached the controller, nicely set in amongst the garden she saw them…. Charlotte, her web, and all the family. A lovely bunch of spiders had made their home around the controller. It was at this point it was clear that not all Australians love critters as much as Steve Irwin did. Dogs came from miles as the high pitched cry from Kacie broke panes of glass in the surrounding homes. Safe to say the exit from Kacie was not as glamourous as the entrance. Luckily through a loyal bunch of following contractors the spiders were rehomed (possible to another reticulation controller). Kacie on the other hand, well only time will tell if she has truly recovered.

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