The Dog Is Part Of The Family

The population of Australia in 2015 was noted at approximately 24 Million by 23,968,000 rounded off.

By 2020 it is suspected that the population will be over 25 Million. It’s good to get to know the numbers, but why am I talking about the population, I promise there is a reason. What might be even more interesting to know is that there are an estimated 33 Million pets in Australia in approximately 63% of Australian Homes according to the RSPCA in November 2014. There are more pets than people!

Now time for a bit of my opinion than the facts. I think this has become the case for more and more of the younger generation choosing to work further in their career rather than starting a family. I’m 26 and both my partner and I have no real desire to have children yet however, we would probably consider getting a small dog. More and more people are satisfying their instinctive parental needs with pets. We have seen it happen in Perth. There are many websites which advise pet owners on dog-friendly beaches for them to take their ‘little one’s’. Not to mention Peasholm Dog Beach, it’s in the name. I can even tell you of a new café opening in Perth which gives the customers the chance to pet rare and unusual breeds of cats whilst sipping on luxury coffee. (I must stress I have no affiliation with this café and this is not an attempt to promote this, I do not drink Coffee.)

Even look at the pet market. Animal Medicines Australia estimates the nation’s pet care industry contributed around $6 – $8 Billion (Mark Zuckerburg Money) to the economy last year. There are more and more businesses benefiting from the rise of homes with Pets in the country. Many more landlords should consider this also. Business is about survival of the fittest and your investment should be also. Consider your home, is it appealing to a family? Will that family have a pet? Today, most likely! There are measures in place to help protect your home from any damage caused by a pet in the same way there are measures to protect from damage caused by any other tenants. I’m not saying welcome anyone with three guinea pigs, a cockatoo and a rabbit. I’m merely asking to consider your target tenants based on your property.

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