Spring clean your garden

It’s spring! Not only are the days slowly getting longer and warmer but you’ve probably noticed that there is a bit of work to do in the garden. Here are a few tips to get your garden looking great:

  • Test your reticulation, if you haven’t already. If there are any major issues, be sure to let us know. Remember that it is your responsibility to replace risers and sprayers, so check that they are working and are spraying consistently.
  • If you have roses, prune them now.
  • Watch for pests, like aphids, on new growth. You can buy treatment for eradicating them at hardware stores or nurseries.
  • Weed garden beds and put down a layer of mulch.
  • Pull weeds out of your lawn, preferably before they seed. If you have too many, you may need to spray.
  • Apply a light fertiliser to your lawn.

A little extra effort now will really pay off when the hot and dry months of summer roll around.

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