Preparing for an inspection

Regular inspections may take a bit of time to prepare for, but they’re a great way to ensure your rental property is being kept in good condition.

Inspections are the perfect time to discuss any issues you’re having, any changes to your living arrangements or any repairs that need to be carried out. They also provide your property manager with an opportunity to note down any seasonal maintenance that the owner may need to take care of.

While there are a number of tasks to complete for your inspection, here are ten things you shouldn’t overlook.

  1. Remove any marks, dust or cobwebs from the ceiling, cornices and air-conditioning vents.
  2. Clean dust from skirting boards.
  3. Vacuum and clean window tracks and give the sills a wipe down.
  4. Clean and dust light fittings.
  5. Sweep and clear cobwebs from any verandahs, patios or eaves.
  6. Remove oil stains from the driveway.
  7. Sweep and weed paths and paving.
  8. Wash all windows.
  9. Clean your oven and stove top
  10. Make sure your gardens and lawns are weed free, mowed and edged.

(Image credit: Horia Varlan)

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