Keeping your lawn looking great for summer.

Our poor, poor, lawns – summer is on its way.

It’s inevitable that your lawn will be affected by the summer dry spells and intense heat that we West Australians are used to.

Here are a few things that will help de-stress your patch.

  • Don’t cut your lawn too short. Longer grass protects the roots from the sun and helps the roots to grow deeper.
  • Aerate your lawn. You can grab all the tools you need at hardware supply stores (
  • Don’t water at night. The best time to water is the early morning.
  • Don’t fertislise your lawn in the heat of summer. Your lawn will be under stress already – you don’t need to add to it.
  • If your lawn is looking particularly brown (after a hot summer day) give it a good soaking the following morning.

Do you have any grass/lawn/gardening tips? We’d love to know.

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