Well, the warmer weather is on its way out (we hope!) which means now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for the cooler months. Not sure where to start? We’ve got 10 property maintenance jobs you can tackle right now.  


  1. If your lawn is looking a little tired after summer, give it a good autumn feeding. While you are at it raise the height of your mower blades too.

  2. Aerate your lawn with a garden fork and scatter lightly with lime. Why lime? Nitrogen based fertilisers, excessive rain or irrigation and acidic water sources can make soils excessively acidic. Lime can help soils get back into balance. (do a pH test to confirm acidity and check with your local garden centre for a plan of attack)

  3. Tidy up and trim hedges in preparation for winter.

  4. Have you spied  a weed or two in your lawn? Spray or remove them before they go to seed.

  5. Prune citrus branches that hang lower than 1 metre. This helps to stop the spread of brown rot.

  6. Don’t throw away falling leaves. Add them to kitchen scraps, grass clippings and other plant material in a compost bin.

  7. Check the leaves of your plants. Do they look scorched? Check the soil – it may be water repellant. If it is, apply a wetting agent and water regularly.

  8. Got a snail or slug problem? Try using coffee grounds scattered throughout the garden or incorporated into your compost.

  9. Falling leaves serve as a reminder to check your gutters. Clean them out now to avoid headaches (and water damage) in winter.

  10. ANZAC Day is just around the corner so plant some poppies to commemorate the day.

Do you have any other property maintenance jobs that we should add to the list?

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