Green-friendly rental properties are a great way to differentiate your property from others in the market. In our final installment of Greening your rental property we thought we’d finish off with some simple, cost effective tips that you may not have considered.

Check your oven
If you’re thinking of replacing or installing a new oven, you may want to consider a fan-forced unit. Not only do they use up to 35% less electricity, they also cook food quicker. Also, check your oven seals. Seals that are worn can waste energy and money. Place a sheet of paper in the door; if the paper is held firm, your seals are good, if not they may need replacing.

Gas heaters are the way to go
Built-in gas heaters are the most efficient way to heat a house and they produce one-third the amount of greenhouse gases produced by standard electric heaters. You can check their efficiency by reading the Energy Rating Labels that appear on all new products.

Double-glazed windows
Great for keeping heat in or out (depending on the season), windows with double-glazing can significantly reduce the transfer of heat through the glass. Applied as a film, some products can halve the amount of solar energy passing through the window.

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