Finding a property

A Property Manager’s guide to finding a new home

It’s an exciting thing looking for a property, even more so when there is the added benefit of moving in with your partner. Recently I experienced both simultaneously and I’d like to tell you my experience, experience from a Property Manager now becoming a tenant.

Day after day I would always be on the main real estate sites, mostly looking at comparable properties from ones I was managing. It was often the case that through, what I must admit was deliberate procrastination, I would find myself looking at my dream home. I decided an $8M property in Applecross was sufficient. Therefore you would think that when I was looking for a property of my own this was easy, actually you would be wrong, and I found it quite difficult. The main issue I found when I was looking for a property was that I was extremely critical of every property I looked at. When looking at similar property as a comparable for managements you always have a bit more of an objective eye. Also, when leasing property you often become more objective when explaining some items in a property which might be a bit unusual however when it came to me personally looking at a property I turned my nose up at almost everything. I felt like a spoilt child at Christmas expecting gold and only getting silver. I knew what I wanted, what areas, what price, what amenities and I was going to get it!

Being in the industry I think my girlfriend had quite a bit of trust in my decision when creating a shortlist for potential properties. I think this also created a little bit of pressure on me. I have been quite confident that being in the real estate industry I would not be taken for a ride when renting or buying a property. In practice ensuring that this is the case means overanalysing every small detail about the lease. It would be quite embarrassing in taking control of a life decision and then missing some important factor.

Also, I found myself looking for things that the agency may have done wrong in a bid to complain or correct to install my property expertise. I struck gold when an agent (who shall not be named) did not show up for a viewing. This gave me the great opportunity to be narcissistic and egotistical in stressing how I and the company I was working for was at the top of the podium with the standards we had.

Once I found a property I couldn’t help but become one of those really annoying tenants who recites parts of the act over and over again. I think it was to prove to myself that I was good at my job and better than my agent, and also to remind my agent I know what I’m talking about, you can’t fool me!

The weird thing is, once I have moved in, everything is fine. I feel we made the right decision in our property, we got it for a good price, our agent is reliable and we are extremely happy!

This experience was quite unusual for me, I expected it to be a complete breeze however it wasn’t quite the case. Having worked in hospitality for many years I am extremely thankful of those who offer high service and sometimes cannot enjoy my meal in places with poor service. I think I have now experienced the real estate version and better understand this feeling.


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