Exploding hot water system? Apparently it can happen

Did you know that your hot water system could rupture or even explode if the pressure release valve isn’t working correctly or is eroded? Most manufacturers recommend releasing the safety valve every six months and having the valve checked and replaced every five years.

While we do remind tenants to regularly release the safety valve, we suggest that a safety valve check should be performed every few years as part of your regular maintenance.

The safety valve plays a big part in how well your hot water system works. Need some incentive to get yours checked? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Your hot water tank will work more efficiently.
  • Your hot water tank will last longer.
  • You will save your tenants money on electricity or gas bills.
  • A better-functioning hot water tank means more hot water for your tenants.
  • You reduce the risk of an explosion or rupture.

Rentwest can suggest a contractor and organise an inspection of your property’s hot water system. Interested? Let your property manager know.

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