5 springtime garden jobs

It’s spring! How’s your garden looking? If it’s a little overgrown, these garden tips will help you whip it back into shape.

– Test your reticulation. Turn your sprinklers on and see if any need your attention. Remember: it’s your responsibility to replace risers and sprayers, so check that they are working correctly. If you have any problems with your system, get in touch with your property manager now.

– Get weeds under control. Weeds love this time of year. Be vigilant and remove them from the garden or lawn when you see them sprouting.

– Prune unruly plants. Your plants would love a haircut after winter. Spring is a great time to remove woody growth or diseased branches.

– Watch for pests, like aphids, on new growth. Nasty little pests love new growth. If you see evidence of pest activity, head to a nursery or hardware store and grab some appropriate treatment.

– Give your lawn a little love. Aerate your lawn now to reduce soil compaction and allow for better water absorption. Grab a pH testing kit from the local hardware store and find out what your lawn is missing. Make sure to keep the lawn high – never mow more than a third of its height.

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