Why Maintenance Is Important

Over the past year we’ve talked about maintenance and how upkeep is important for your rental property.

As a property investor, your number one priority is to ensure that you get maximum return from your investment.

The major benefits of a well-maintained property are twofold:

1.    A rental property that is well maintained will result in loyal tenants who will pay more money and do more to look after your property.
2.    A rental property that is well maintained ultimately has a better resale value.

Over the course of the year, generally after a periodic inspection, your Property Manager will advise you of maintenance issues he or she thinks you should attend to. These can range from gutter cleaning to tree trimming or fixing general wear and tear inside. It’s important to consider everything your Property Manager mentions, even if you decide not to go ahead with the suggestions at that time.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on upkeep to your property. Even small things, like making sure you have working locks for all doors and windows, a fresh coat of paint or updated floor coverings, will add value to your property. So consider the small things – they can make a big difference.

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