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What Are The Most Common Real Estate Questions That People Google?

The average person uses Google three or four times a day, and property is one of the topics people search.

We examine what search engine data can reveal about the property market, and what it can tell us about how investors and tenants are thinking.

What are the most common real estate search questions?

2022 data from Google Trends shows that the most common real estate questions Australians asked related to the “how to” of buying property.

It’s likely these questions come from prospective buyers – whether owner-occupiers or investors – as they try to negotiate the intricacies of purchasing a property in a rising market.

Popular real estate search questions included:

  • How to buy a house
  • How to save a deposit
  • How much can I borrow
  • Is it a good time to buy
  • How to use equity to buy an investment property
  • How to buy with super
  • How to buy with a low income
  • When should I buy a house

One year on, in the much higher interest rate environment of 2023, Google Trends showed that people became much more preoccupied with interest rates, mortgages and loans. Unsurprisingly, the search term “mortgage cliff” rose 1,200%.

Google Trends also documented a rise in finance-related property questions, including:

  • When will interest rates go down?
  • How high will interest rates go?
  • What is the current interest rate in Australia?
  • How to calculate interest rate?
  • What are interest rates?

What tenants google: Privacy, pets and practicalities

According to the SEO keyword website Answer The Public, tenants have some very different questions for buyers or sellers, which include specifics around privacy, pets and other practicalities. Their top questions include:

  • Can real estate agents look in cupboards?
  • Can real estate agents say no to pets?
  • Can real estate agents ask for bank statements?
  • What real estate agents look for in tenants?
  • Are real estate agents open on Sunday?
  • Can real estate agents disclose other offers?
  • Are real estate agents allowed to lie?

What about investors?

According to AnswerThePublic, common investor-focused questions included the basics of property investing as well as current information about the property market:

  • How does property investment work?
  • Will real estate crash in Australia?
  • Where real estate is cheap?
  • What do real estate agents charge?
  • Real estate vs stocks
  • Why is real estate booming?
  • Why real estate is a good investment?
  • Which real estate investment is best?
  • Will property prices rise in 2024?
  • What property can I afford?
  • Where property demand is set to soar?

What do people google about tenants?

When it comes to the word “tenant”, AnswerThePublic lists many commonly searched terms both about tenants and by tenants, including:

  • Can tenant refuse open house WA?
  • What tenant rights do I have?
  • How tenant can end tenancy?
  • When tenant breaks lease agreement
  • When tenant doesn’t pay rent
  • Why tenant insurance is important

Would you Google a rental property?

It’s a tight property market in Perth right now, with demand outstripping supply for both sales (where properties spend an average of just eight days on the market) and rentals (where listings lease in just 14 days).

People are looking for any way to get ahead and secure their next home.

What’s interesting is there is a broader trend for buyers and tenants to use a search engine rather than a listings website, such as or Domain to search for property to buy or rent.

In fact, a recent report from Google Trends revealed that the search term “house for sale” was 12 times as high in 2023 as it was in 2004.

Answer The Public shows many people type in specific key terms like:

  • Property near beach for sale
  • Property to rent in Perth
  • Property with granny for sale
  • Real estate to rent
  • Real estate with pool
  • Real estate near me for rent

This shows the importance of good copywriting for all sales and rental listings, which can maximise the chances of these important keywords being picked up by search engines.

Want more?

Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help you buy and sell in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

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