Want To Live In Wellard?

Our featured suburb for the month of February is Wellard.

Are you thinking about renting in the area? Here are some quick facts –

  • The suburb is 37km from the Perth CBD
  • It is located within the town of Kwinana
  • It takes about half an hour to get from Wellard to Perth by train.
  • The suburb was named after an early settler, John Wellard, who in 1860 owned Serpentine Farm about 7.5 km southeast of the suburb.
  • In 2009 the ABS reported the most common responses for employed persons usually resident in Wellard were Technicians and Trades Workers 24.1%, Clerical and Administrative Workers 16.1%, Professionals 13.9%, Managers 10.9% and Labourers 9.5%.
  • There are two schools in the suburb – Peter Carnley Anglican Community School and The King’s College (formerly El Shaddai CS). There are also several established schools in the surrounding suburbs.

Do you live in Wellard? Head to our Facebook page to share some of your favourite bits about the suburb.

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