Top 6 Tips For Renting With Pets

Have you found yourself a pet-friendly rental?

We all know that pet-friendly properties are highly sought after, so it’s important to submit an application that provides as much information as possible about you and your pets.

Not sure what to include in your application? We’ve put together our list of 6 top tips.

Show that you are in the know about laws – When you rent with pets in Western Australia, you may need to pay a pet bond, especially if your pets are capable of carrying parasites that may be harmful to humans. This pet bond is specifically for carrying out fumigation after you leave the property. In a residential tenancy, pet bonds must be no more than $260. Getting familiar with the laws will help the application process run smoother and will mean no hidden surprises.

Include reference

If you’ve rented with your pets before it’s a great idea to include a “pet reference” with your application. A note from past property managers or landlords that outlines how your pet behaved in their rental property is a worthwhile addition. So are letters from past neighbours, your dog’s obedience trainer or vet. The point of a pet reference is to show that your pet has never caused damage in a past rental and that their behaviour has never been a nuisance.

Include a pet resume

The purpose of a pet resume is to give the property manager as much information as possible; the more info you provide, the better. Include things such as:

– your pet’s age

– your pet’s breed

– microchip number

– details of obedience training

– vaccination or health details

– registration number with the local council

– the amount of exercise your pet gets

– an overview of what your pet likes to do during the day

Include a photo

Chances are that your property manager won’t have time to meet your pet during the application process so including a photo is a great way to introduce your pet.

Write a great cover letter

You cover letter need not be more than 4 or 5 paragraphs (property managers are very busy) so be as succinct as possible. Explain why you want the property. Share how moving into this property change/enhance your life. And detail what you are prepared to do should your pet be given the all clear (include details about paying the pet bond and list the steps you’ll take to ensure no damage will come from your pet’s presence). Sell yourself and sell your story.

Show that you are a responsible pet owner

We know that having a pet is a long-term commitment. The vast majority of pet owners are responsible and mature, especially if they’ve had experience renting with their pet in the past. One of the most important things that you need to communicate is that you are a responsible pet owner. Convey this and your application has a better chance of being approved.

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