A Tenant’s Guide To Moving Out

As a tenant in a Perth rental property, it is inevitable that you will need to vacate property at some stage in your residential life.

Before you do so, there are several steps you will need to consider before officially vacating property at the end of your lease agreement. More importantly, you will need to check with your Perth property manager to ensure you have completed all checks stipulated in your lease conditions. Here are five steps you will need to take before vacating your Perth rental property.

Giving adequate notice: When leaving a Perth rental property you will need to give your landlord adequate notice of your intention to vacate. Typically, the tenant will be sent a renewal notice or request to vacate a month before the end of lease. By informing your landlord that you intend to vacate the property, you will give them adequate time to find a new tenant and yourself enough time to perform all the required maintenance checks as stipulated in your lease agreement.

Getting your bond back – Increase your chance of a receiving a full bond refund by adhering to all stipulated lease conditions. This may include replacing any broken fixtures, getting the carpets cleaned, general gardening and performing a thorough household clean before vacating property. Basically, you will need to return the Perth rental property in the condition it was in before you moved in.

Property presentation – Before you vacate property and hand keys to your landlord, do a final and thorough check. You should leave the property clean and in good condition – this includes all those hard to reach nooks and crannies! It is a good idea to do a once over on walls, flooring, cupboards, fans and light fixtures to remove any residual dust or marks once all the furniture is removed to ensure all surfaces are left spotless.

Disconnect utilities: A few calls to your utility providers informing them of your intention to vacate property will save you money in the long run as you don’t want to be paying for facilities you no longer use. You may also need to inform your Internet Service Provider of your new residential address.

Breaking lease early: Breaking a lease agreement means you intend to vacate property before the end of your signed lease. You should be aware, when you signed your initial lease agreement you were signing a legal contract in which you agreed to rent the property for a minimum time period. Breaking lease early may therefore leave you liable to pay compensation to the lessor. You will need to consult with your landlord as to how they wish to proceed.

Get expert rental property advice

If you want to ensure a smooth end of lease transition, enlist the help of the Perth property managers at Rentwest. Not only can Rentwest’s property managers provide additional information on the right steps for vacating property, they can also provide end of lease checks and facilitate bond repayments. The team provides expert Perth rental property advice to both their tenants and lessors to ensure each party understands their end of lease obligations. For more information about our property management solutions, visit the Rentwest website or contact us on rentals@rentwest.com.au.

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