Smoke Alarms And Residual Current Devices

One of the best methods of early detection of a fire is a working smoke alarm.

As the owner of a rental property, it is your obligation to ensure that a Building Regulations 2012 compliant smoke alarm is installed in your property. If one isn’t installed, you may face a $5000 fine.

As an owner you need to ensure that smoke alarms in your property are:
– no more than 10 years old
– in good working order
– connected to mains power.

If the alarm is not connected to mains power (there are very few exceptions to the mains power rule), a battery-operated unit must be installed. The battery pack must be non-removable and it must last 10 years.

Residual Current Devices

Just like smoke alarms, Residual Current Devices (RCDs) can save lives too. These units monitor the flow of electricity from the switchboard and prevent electrocution by immediately cutting the supply if an imbalance is detected.

Every home in Western Australia must be fitted with at least two RCDs. As a property owner you must ensure the units are installed prior to a tenant moving in.

Want to know more? You can read about smoke alarms and RCDs on the Department of Commerce website.

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