How To Secure Your Dream Rental Property

So you’ve spotted your dream rental property in Perth – great!

The next step is to actually secure it. So how do you make sure you stand out to your landlord and their property managers? Rental applications and property viewings are your opportunity to show you will be a trustworthy tenant who will look after the rental as though it were your own. Here are a few tips to help you score that dream rental.

Tip One – Be proactive

The first step to securing your dream Perth rental is to be proactive. After all, your landlords and their property managers need to know you are actually interested in the property. Once you’ve seen a property of interest online, make sure you book in for that all-important property viewing. If you can’t do this via the property listing, call the property managers to show your interest and schedule an inspection.

Tip Two – Be punctual

When it comes to the property viewing, make sure you come prepared (and on time). Nothing shows lack of interest more than a late arrival! It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to the property manager or landlord to ensure they remember you when you submit the rental application. Asking the property manager any questions you have about the rental property is also a great way to show enthusiasm. Just remember – this is your chance to give a sneak peek of how you will act as a tenant.

Tip Three – Be prompt

If your heart is set on a particular property after the viewing, make sure you submit your rental application promptly. This reinforces your interest in the property and reduces the chances of someone else snapping up your dream rental. This leads on to our following point…

Tip Four – Be prepared

There’s nothing worse than submitting an incomplete or rushed rental application. If you want to get your rental application in early, make sure you’re prepared with all the right information. Firstly, make sure your contact details are filled in correctly; it sounds simple, but missing information makes it a lot harder for your property manager to get in touch! You should also let your referees know you have listed them on your application in advance so they can be prepared for the call. If you’re currently living in another Perth rental property, make sure you look after it well to increase your chances of a gleaming reference from your current landlord. Finally, remember to send any additional information such as proof of identification, payslips and any other documents that may assist your application.

Tip Five – Be personal

We don’t mean tell your property manager about the ins and outs of your life, but attaching a personal cover letter to your rental application could really help you stand out from the crowd. Most landlords just want to know that you will look after their property, so don’t be afraid to express your interest with a few personal touches in your application. If you have a pet, references and photos of your furry friend may also give you an edge over other applicants.

Advice from our property managers

Whether you’re looking for a new Perth rental property, submitting a rental application, or have an enquiry about one of our managed properties, the Perth property management team at Rentwest Solutions can provide the advice and support you need for a problem-free tenancy. Our property management team are committed to helping tenants and landlords alike make the most out of their Perth rental properties.

For more information about our property management solutions, or to view the latest rental properties in Perth, visit the Rentwest Solutions website or contact us at [email protected]

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