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Rentwest Proud To Win Three REIWA Awards

We’re proud to have won three REIWA Awards for Excellence in 2023, recognising best practices in the real estate profession.

This year Rentwest Solutions won Large Residential Agency of the Year, alongside the Sustainable Leadership Award for an Agency, while Marion Gruchet won Residential Property Manager of the Year.

The REIWA Awards for Excellence judge real estate professionals on the demonstrated service they’re providing to their clients and the impact they’re making in the community at large.

Here’s why we’re so proud of these achievements and what it means for our clients and investors.

Large Residential Agency of the Year

Rentwest Solutions is proud to have been named the Large Residential Agency of the Year.

Despite the decline in rent rolls (due to many selling investment properties), Rentwest attracted 314 new managements over the year. Of this number, 148 came from the relationships we actively built with Eastern States Buyers Agents who have clients interested in purchasing investment properties in Western Australia. The remaining 166 new managements came from other referral networks, including word of mouth – which, we’re delighted to say, accounts for 91% of our business.

We also invested in our existing tenant concierge service and continue to assist our investors with selling and purchasing properties. We also moved to a four-day working week, so our staff could better balance work and life.

“Across the industry, studies reveal that over half of all property managers identify mental health and managing stress as one of the most difficult aspects of the job,” Rentwest’s Director, Suzanne Brown, explains.

The statistics are stark: 30% of property managers have left the real estate industry since COVID-19. Rentwest is, to date, the only real estate agency in the country to implement this four-day week, and we’ve grown and retained a top-performing team of 32 staff.

“Our trailblazing investment in a four-day-week has been extremely successful and boosted productivity and wellbeing among our staff,” Suzanne says.

“This greater flexibility is one way that, as an industry, we can invest in supporting our property managers and recognise the important role they play in providing housing to a large percentage of our renting population.”

Rentwest has also invested in simple things like better training, professional development and support to manage stressful times, better systems and procedures, team huddles, quarterly break-outs and improved communication methods between management and employees.

And it’s working: Alongside this award, we’ve seen a boost in team productivity and received fantastic testimonials from our clients.

Residential Property Manager of the Year

Our very own Marion Gruchet was awarded Residential Property Manager of the Year thanks to her fantastic customer service and sharp negotiation skills.

As Marion’s landlords and tenants would know, she effortlessly adapts to diverse situations and tailors her services to their unique needs. Her many positive client reviews and testimonials highlight her success.

In today’s challenging rental climate, it can be tempting to avoid difficult discussions. However, it is one of Marion’s strengths. She takes charge of problem-solving head-on and guides owners and tenants through difficult situations with the aim of finding a positive outcome for all parties.

Marion says she tries to make herself as approachable as possible to clients and tenants right from the start of a tenancy.

“I actively seek to listen to my clients’ concerns and needs, as well as setting clear expectations by communicating our guidelines, policies and procedures,” Marion explains.

“I also choose to start each new management and tenancy by creating a particular bond with my owners and tenants to ensure that I can tailor my service to their needs.”

Sustainable Leadership Award – Agency

We’re also incredibly proud to have won the Sustainable Leadership Award, recognising the importance of sustainable practices in the real estate industry.

“Rentwest’s approach to sustainability encompasses three pillars,” Rentwest’s General Manager, Michelle Rigg explains. “Environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic vitality.”

“Through strategic planning and continuous improvement, we aim to minimize environmental impacts, enhance the quality of life for our residents, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.”

Rentwest runs programs encouraging our Team to Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle. As property managers, we can reach a lot of people and encourage them to live sustainable lives, so we also provide our tenants with ways they can reduce waste and live more sustainably while also reducing their cost of living. We also encourage our owners to provide sustainable houses by providing information on green energy solutions like solar panels and heat pumps or reticulation timers that are tested and set to provide the right amount of water.

“For us, community is about the social, economic, and environmental landscape we live in,” Michelle says. “It is about encouraging everyone to have a sense of belonging and work collaboratively to enhance the places we live.”

What it means for property investors and tenants

We’re really proud of these awards, as they demonstrate our clear commitment to service and improvement at every level.

At an organisational level, we care for our team. In turn, our team cares for our clients – our landlords and tenants – and have genuine pride in carrying out their roles. We are also invested in the wider community and improving global issues like sustainability.

The range of awards we won illustrates our willingness to go the extra mile in everything we do and always have an eye on the bigger picture, as well as the details.

Want more?

If you’d like to know how our award-winning team can help you make the most of your investment property, contact our friendly team today.

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