How To Keep Your Perth Rental Property Free Of Winter Pests

The end of summer means you can temporarily say goodbye to mosquitoes, ants and flies.

However, the arrival of winter doesn’t mean your rental property is safe from household pests; with the cold weather comes a new host of house-invaders such as rodents, termites, cockroaches, millipedes and snails. Here are some of the common winter pests and pest prevention methods to stop them ransacking your rental property.

Common winter pests


Like humans, rodents tend to seek warmth and safety in our homes during the colder weather. To prevent them from setting up shop in your rental property, start by tidying up clutter, as unwanted items are a great place for rodents to hide. Additionally, make sure you’re using sealable plastic and metal containers to store your food, as fabric and cardboard can easily  be chewed through. If you do experience an infestation, speak to your property managers about organising professional pest prevention to manage these common winter pests.


Termites are thorough and secretive pests that can cause expensive damage on your rental property if left undetected. These common winter pests can initially appear in your home in spring in the form of small flying insects that hang around your windows and leave behind discarded wings.

Other obvious signs are the damage they leave on your rental property, such as unexplained cracks in walls and ceilings, blistering or sagging floors, damaged roof tiles, weak or hollow sounding wood, and mud tubes on exterior walls. Given the gravity of termite damage, it’s best to stay well ahead of these pests with preventative measures and regular pest checks.


Possibly the most feared and definitely the most common of household pests, cockroaches can be found in almost all Aussie homes thanks to their affinity for high-density metropolitan areas. Besides seeing these pests in the flesh, another way to identify their presence in your Perth rental property is by keeping an eye out for the tiny black faeces they leave behind wherever they feed. Simple ways of preventing cockroaches from entering your rental property are regularly cleaning the house, sealing cracks and crevices, and fixing any water leaks.


Millipedes lay eggs in May, meaning they are ready to hatch in winter. These common winter pests are attracted to light and feed on leaves and compost. To prevent your rental property being overrun by millipedes, turn off outdoor lights or use curtains and blinds to prevent indoor light from streaming outside. Like with rodents, seal up any gaps that these pests can sneak through. It’s also worthwhile to sweep your garden beds of leftover leaves to limit their food sources.


Did you know that snails breathe through their skin and therefore seek cover during dry weather to avoid extreme dryness? For this reason, rainy weather tends to coax snails out of hiding. To prevent them from seeking shelter in your rental property, use snail bait and clean your garden of loose organic matter such as leaves.

Managing your property with Rentwest Solutions

While these tips are excellent ways of managing the presence of household pests, the best solution to avoid household pests is prevention. This can be as simple as organising pest inspections and treatments from a licensed local pest control company. Our expert property managers at Rentwest Solutions can connect you with trusted local professionals and help you stay on top of annual check-ups to ensure your Perth rental property remains a no-go zone for pests all year round. Get in touch with Rentwest Solutions’s Perth property management team on 08 9314 9888 or email us at [email protected]

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