Property Manager Michael’s Unusual Inspection

I had just finished the final inspection and was preparing the property for a home open.

Ensuring all the lights were turned on, all blinds were open and application forms set out ready for potential tenants I was ready for the home open. Unfortunately only one person attended, which in the current market is still a positive. The woman attended with her 5 year old daughter who had just finished after school care. I proceeded to show the tenant and her young daughter around the property highlighting the features and advising on how previous tenants had their furniture laid out to try and help them visualise.

Whilst showing the garden and having a discussion the young daughter, Elizabeth (by this point I had been introduced several times) was running around and performing gymnastics in the garden. I thought that keeping the conversation out here would have encouraged the potential tenant seeing how much her daughter loved the outside space.

As I always do at the end of my home opens, I advised the potential tenant that I was in no rush and encouraged her to have another look around the property on her own. I offered to keep an eye on her daughter whilst she did so.

At this point, little Elizabeth, who was quite the detective had managed to discover that the garden tap ran water into the hose, and she even figured out how to operate the spout. She began to spray the lawn and plants and was shouting “I’m watering the garden”. My first thought when I saw this, was “aw that’s quite sweet” however soon my thoughts changed as little Elizabeth decided that I needed a shower (I will let your imagination paint the picture).

In the moment of panic, the only thing I thought to do was say “excuse me, excuse me” in a high pitched and distressed voice in an attempt to alert the mother that someone was in need. When the mother initially saw me I could tell there was serious efforts to keep a straight face and refrain from laughing at the sight of her potential property manager drenched at the hand of her daughter.

The woman gave her daughter a stern telling and young Elizabeth learned the error of her ways and apologized for the inconvenience caused to me.

Sadly she did not apply for the property and I fear the reminder of this incident may haunt me on my next inspection.

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