Not Sure What Goes Into Your Recycling Bin?

Recycling is a great way to help the planet.

Here’s a list of household items you can recycle:

– plastic containers and plastic wraps including cling film (preferably rinsed)
– cardboard, paper, junk mail and glossy magazines
– glass and ceramics
– aluminium cans and steel, including aerosol cans
– takeaway boxes (e.g. pizza boxes) with all food scraps removed.

Be mindful to not contaminate your recycling by included the following items:

– plastic bags
– green waste
– expanded polystyrene foam
– batteries
– ceramics
– glass
– chemicals
– nappies

For all the dos and don’ts visit Recycle Right and download their app.
If you have more questions about recycling get in touch with your local council.

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