How To Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

Due to the high standard of Perth rental properties on offer and rent prices remaining stable, it’s no surprise the Perth rental market is currently a difficult one to enter.

Essentially, the application process is becoming more competitive than ever. This means to secure your dream Perth rental property; your application has to be one in a million. Here are our top tips on how to make your rental application stand out.

At the home open

Present well

We all know how important first impressions are, and this couldn’t be more relevant in the case of home opens. The property owners are literally opening their home to you, meaning it’s a great idea to present yourself well. This doesn’t simply mean dressing well; it also means being friendly to the property manager attending to help portray yourself as the respectable tenant you would be.

Be on time

Nothing will leave a bad taste in the property owner’s mouth like tardiness. If you’re not organised enough to make it on time for an appointment, what are the odds that you’re trustworthy enough to maintain a Perth rental property? Plan your journey to the home open in order to allow time for traffic, wardrobe malfunctions, or any other scenario that could get in the way of you and your dream rental.

Introduce yourself

By introducing yourself, you’re not only being friendly and polite, but you’ll also stand out from the myriad of other applicants who will be walking through those doors. Don’t be afraid to ask the property owners about themselves and their hobbies to establish a better rapport. After all, you want them to remember you so that when it’s time for them to sift through the dozens of rental applications, they can easily assign a friendly face to a name.

Communicate clearly

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need – after all, that’s what home opens are for! In addition to providing a forum for you to gain as much information as possible about your potential future Perth rental, it will also show the property owners that you’re genuinely interested and passionate about their property.

In your application form

Aim for a personal touch

We’re not suggesting you write a New York Times bestseller to make your rental application stand out. Rather, try to inject some personality in your rental application to add that personal touch. This can mean providing some fun and interesting facts about yourself, or even sprinkling a few witty one-liners in here and there.

Provide as much detail as needed

This should go without saying but provide as much information as possible in your rental application. Be generous with your details to show that you have nothing to hide and to prevent the property owners from having to prolong the application process by asking for further clarification.

Complete it on time

Again, this one goes without saying, but respect the deadline! Start your rental application early to avoid the potential disappointment of being out of the running, simply because you submitted it an hour late.

Receive advice on how to receive the Perth rental property of your dreams from Rentwest

At Rentwest, we’re experts in the Perth rental market. We’re not only passionate about helping you find the rental property of your dreams, but also assisting you in securing the property. For more information about our property management solutions, call us at (08) 9314 9888 or email

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