How Do I Get My Full Bond Back?

It’s the burning question on every tenant’s lips: how do I get my full bond back when vacating a Perth rental property?

There are multiple factors that could impact your bond return. From property damage to ensuring their rental has been thoroughly cleaned, here is a guide to getting your full bond back when you move out of a rental property.

Top Tips for getting your bond back

The property condition report

When you initially move into a Perth rental property, completing the property condition report as thoroughly as possible will help save you any discrepancies at the end of your lease. Making additional notes on the state of the garden, carpet, walls, and appliances will help to ensure you are not held accountable for any existing wear and tear when you move out. Any damages that are still remaining at end of lease inspection may incur a fee out of your rental bond.

The best way to ensure you receive your full rental bond back is to check and compare the property condition report once you have removed all of your belongings from the rental property. This way, you can check the property is cleaned to its original condition and better identify if there is any additional damage or wear you may be held responsible for.

Fix any damage you are responsible for

If you do identify any damage caused by the tenant to the property that has been caused over the course of your tenancy, you will need to fix it if you want to get your full rental bond back at the end of lease. This doesn’t necessarily mean large and obvious damage, as you could potentially lose some of your rental bond if you fail to fix things such as chips in wall paint or broken sprinklers. This is why checking through the original property report is imperative to finding out what damage you will be responsible for fixing. However, general wear and tear does occur, and you should speak to your Perth property manager or landlord if you are uncertain or have concerns.

Clean your property

Failing to properly clean your rental property when you vacate is one of the easiest ways to lose money on your rental bond. This doesn’t just mean doing a surface clean of the property; to get your full bond back, you will need to ensure you’ve properly cleaned all the nooks and crannies. This includes cupboards, bathroom tiles, blinds, ceiling fans, dusting lights, and ensuring marks are removed from the walls. Put it this way, would you like to move into a dirty rental property? No. To avoid having your Perth property manager or landlord taking additional cleaning charges out of your rental bond, you will be required to put some elbow grease in. It is best practice to keeps records of any paid services you get done to the property and provide them to your property manager. These should include any required cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning, as per your tenancy agreement.

Return all sets of keys

Handing back the keys and all remotes in working order to your rental property is the final step in vacating your Perth rental that will need to occur on or before the final day of your lease agreement. This is why you should only hand back the keys if you are completely satisfied that you have left the property in its original condition. Not only do you need to hand the keys back to your landlord or property management team on time, but you will also need to hand in all copies of the keys. If you have lost a set of house keys, this may be subtracted from your rental bond; and the cost will depend on whether a set needs to be cut or if the locks on the Perth rental property require changing.

Attend the final bond inspection

Once you have informed your landlord or Perth property management team of your intention to vacate, a final bond inspection should be scheduled at the final lease date. During this inspection, the property manager will make notes on areas or damage that may be taken out of your rental bond payment. It is advised you attend this inspection as well to clarify what is considered general wear and tear, and what you will be charged for out of your rental bond. You should contact your property manager to arrange this.

Speak to our property managers for advice

If you want advice on how to get your full rental bond back at the end of lease, it is best to consult with your landlord of property manager. The Perth property management team at Rentwest Solutions offer tenant’s tips and suggestions on how to get your full rental bond back. Our team also conduct regular inspections to ensure all property maintenance is up to date and the rental properties continue to remain in a good condition throughout the tenancy. If you’d like more information on our Perth property solutions, get in touch at [email protected] or call us on 08 9314 9888.

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