Four Things We Check At Every Property Inspection

At Rentwest nothing is more important than the upkeep of your property.

You’ve placed your trust in us and that is something we don’t take lightly. It’s because of this that we conduct regular property inspections – we want to check that everything is as it should be.

There are four things that we check at every property inspection. These are:

General condition

We take our time and view every room and all outside areas. We compare the current condition with the original condition report.

Maintenance required

If we deem that any part of your property warrants maintenance, we will take photos of the affected areas at the time.

Seasonal maintenance

Each season brings with it jobs that have to be done, like cleaning gutters or checking air conditioner filters. We will make note of these in your property condition report.

We catch up with your tenants

We’ll have a chat with your tenants if they are home when we’re there. It’s a great opportunity to touch base and ensure that your house is in the right hands.

Once the inspection is done, your property manager will complete a written report. We’ll include any relevant photographs and suggestions for preventative or seasonal maintenance that may need to be undertaken in the next few months. We send a copy of this report to you and keep a copy on file for our records.

If you have any questions about our regular routine property inspections, please get in touch.

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