First Impressions Are Important When Renting Out Property

With the higher than normal vacancy rate of 4.1% currently being experienced in Perth it’s important the property give a good first impression when people arrive for viewings.

Ensuring that your front garden and entrance are enticing will add value to your property and attract the applicants you want. Here are 10 simple things you can do to boost your curb appeal:

1. Upgrade your letterbox

If your letterbox is teetering on a couple of bricks or if its lid is too rusty to open, it’s time to replace it. You can buy inexpensive letterboxes in all different styles at hardware stores. Try to choose something that ties in with your home’s exterior.

2. Plant a tree 

Need a focal point or some interest out the front? Plant a tree. Choose something hardy that will survive our long, hot, dry summers. Natives are ideal.

3. Replace exterior light fittings

If your outside light fittings are nothing but expensive receptacles for spiders, update them. Consider installing motion-sensor lights for added security.

4. Mulch your garden

Mulch is beneficial for a few reasons: it aids in water retention, which is handy during summer; it stops weeds, and it instantly makes garden beds look tidy.

5. Mow your lawn

A healthy, well-manicured lawn is an instant hit with would-be renters. Green it up and make sure it’s weed free.

6. Give the exterior a wash

Get out with a broom and bucket and clean down the external brickwork for an instant lift. High-pressure water washers make light work of this job. You can rent these from hire yards if you want to do it yourself.

7. Add flowers

Never underestimate what a tub of potted colour can do! Colourful foliage and vibrant blooms instantly attract the right kind of attention.

8. Clean your windows

Clean cobwebs and dirt from around windows and under eaves. While you’re up there, clean the gutters and check downpipes too.

9. Move bins out of sight

While every home has them, we don’t necessarily want to see them. If you can, tuck your bins out of sight or stash them around back.

10. Prune trees and shrubs

A bit of a haircut will do wonders for the visual impact of your garden. If you’re not sure what to prune, hire a gardener to get the job done. Tenants want to see a garden that looks manageable, not an out-of-control jungle.

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