Top Tips For Securing A Pet-Friendly Rental

Finding a new rental property can be stressful when you are only able to apply for Perth rental properties with a pet-friendly policy.

Researching a property’s policy on pets ahead of time will save you from filling out a lengthy rental application only to discover the landlord doesn’t accept furry house guests. Once you do find a Perth rental property you like that also accepts pets, there are some additional steps you can take to ensure your rental application gets to the top of the pile. Here are our top tips for securing a pet-friendly rental property.

Ask about policies (even when they say no pets)

Not only will asking about pet-friendly policies in advance save you time filling out rental applications, it could also help you land a rental property in the first place. Even if a Perth rental doesn’t explicitly state it is open to furry friends, a simple phone call to the landlord or Perth property manager could lead to policy negotiations. If the landlord is willing to negotiate, be prepared for higher rent or an added pet bond.

Include pet references along with your own

Just as you are required to give rental references from your previous landlord or property manager, including evidence of obedience school or training could help you land a rental. Pets with obedience training and a record of good behaviour could be seen more positively in a rental application as they are less likely to cause damage to the property. You should also let the landlord or property manager know if you are planning on sending your pup to doggy daycare during the day so as not to create disruptive noise for your potential neighbours.

Keep a record of pet check-ups

For cat and dog owners especially, it’s worth including proof of recent vet visits. Whilst this information may not be requested in the rental application, it will help to show your pet is hygienic and won’t bring any unwanted pests such as fleas or ticks into the rental property. That said, however, pet owners may still need to get the property treated as a condition of their lease agreement.

Find a rental that’s actually pet-friendly

While you are looking for rental property features that work for you as a tenant, it’s also important to look for pet-friendly features as well. This could include largely non-carpeted rentals, as this type of flooring will likely get filled with clumps of pet hair or those unwanted bathroom accidents. A large backyard, high fence and proximity to parks is a must for any dog owner, especially for pet-owners with bigger, more energetic furry friends.

Keep the property clean

Owning a pet can come with some extra, unwanted mess, and this is something you will need to ensure you are keeping on top of. Maintenance cleaning will make sure your Perth rental property remains clean, ensuring little messes don’t become bigger ones down the track. Regular cleaning of pet hair build-ups, gardening mishaps, and any stray toilet stops are a must for tenants with pets.

Speak to our property managers for advice

If you are finding it difficult to find a pet-friendly rental, it might be time to get some advice from a Perth property manager. The experienced team at Rentwest Solutions can offer tips on how to put your best foot forward when it comes to an application, advise you on what to include, and even show you any existing properties on their books that may be suitable for your rental needs. For more information on how to improve your rental application for pet-friendly rentals, visit our website or contact us on [email protected]

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