5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Rental Home Look Bigger

Whether you’re an owner preparing for a property viewing or a tenant looking to decorate an unfurnished rental, making sure you make the most out of your property’s space and storage facilities will be key to creating a functional and stylish rental home.

These easy hacks will help you maximise space and increase storage in your rental property.

Opt for lighter colours

If you’re redecorating your Perth rental home, sticking to a lighter colour scheme will help you achieve a more spacious feel in your property. Light-coloured walls help to maximise the effects of natural light, and can work wonders when it comes to opening up a smaller space. You can always add more colour later on with some brighter home accessories.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

If you’re a little stuck for storage space in your rental property, multi-functional furniture is a great way to maximise room whilst minimising clutter (a common culprit when it comes to eating up space). Ottoman furniture, cabinets with drawers, and any other furnishings that incorporate storage will help to maximise the physical space and functionality of your rental property whilst providing extra room to store belongings.

Make the most of mirrors

Just as lighter colours can make a small room look bigger and brighter, mirrors can be a great way to create the illusion of a spacious and open interior. Try to position mirrors so they reflect sunlight to increase this effect even further.

Go minimalist

Moving into a new rental property is an exciting time, but try to avoid the temptation of filling your new home with unnecessary knick-knacks and over-the-top decor. If your rental home is already on the small side, these accessories may take up the space you do have to create a more “cluttered” look. Instead, stick to a few pieces of statement decor to create style without sacrificing space.

Think vertical

When floor space is lacking, making the most out of vertical space is a great way to make a room physically and visually larger. Use artwork or high shelving to draw eyes upwards and (in the latter case) store any belongings that would otherwise take up space on the floor. As a tenant, make sure you speak to your property managers before sticking, drilling or nailing anything to the walls of your rental property.

Investors’ advice from Rentwest

As an investor, the presentation of your property can make or break the success of your investment venture. Whether you’re renovating your Perth rental or preparing your investment property for an upcoming home open, the Perth property management team at Rentwest can provide the advice you need to ensure your property presents its best during viewings.

To find out more about Rentwest’s property management solutions, or for advice on how to make the most out of your managed properties, contact our Perth property managers today at rentals@rentwest.com.au or call us on 08 9314 9888.

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