Do You Need To Rethink Your Marketing?

In this month’s newsletter we discussed the current state of the rental market in Perth and have suggested things property owners can do to ensure their property is rented successfully.

Rentwest General Manager Michelle Rigg also has some advice on property marketing.

“Owners should consider alternative marketing,” Michelle says. “‘For Rent’ signs can be relatively inexpensive but effective.” Owners might also want to pay to have their property featured in a more prominant way on real estate websites. “Currently all our ads are featured ads. The website offers premier and highlighted ads too,” she says.

“Rentwest is conducting regular home opens, private viewings as well as contacting local businesses, universities and colleges, giving the property as much promotion as possible.  We have a dedicated Leasing Consultant who attends to the enquiries from potential tenants, with our team working together to ensure tenants can view homes at the times it suits them.”

If you have concerns about your property, or you’d like to discuss how the current market affects you, we urge you to get in touch with your property manager.

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