Bushfire Readiness – A Reminder

With the devastating fires that broke out in the hills earlier this year, as well as the Atwell fires two weeks ago, we want to remind owners of their obligation to keep their rental property safe during bushfire season.

  • Make sure your home has a 20-metre circle around it that’s free of debris, rubbish and long grass free. This “circle of safety” is extremely important.
  • If you have trees close to your property, prune any branches less than two metres off the ground to prevent a ground fire spreading.
  • Ensure your home has the appropriate firebreak for your location. This involves clearing all the vegetation from the boundary of your property. Most local councils have specific firebreak information on their websites.
  • Keep gutters free from leaves and bark.
  • Don’t store gas cylinders on the side of the house that faces bushland.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) recently launched a Bushfire Action site that provides more information on bushfire safety and preparedness.

If you have any concerns about the bushfire readiness of your property, please get in touch with your property manager.

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