Sandra Galati

There are several professions where “Saving the day” is a regular part of the job.

The fire service is one, ambulance and paramedics, even the bar tender in Raffles at 5pm on a Friday however it’s not a term we as Property Managers hear often. “Don’t worry, I’m a Property Manager” is not a common thing you hear amongst the crowds in the time of peril. On the rare occasion though we can be seen as hero’s and that is exactly what happened to our own Sandra. Let me set the scene.

It was one of those extremely hot days in Perth, you know, the kind that are best described by a swear word. Three young men all rose from their slumber and set out into their professional duties for the day. Unfortunately whilst all helping the world in their individual ways something dreadful had happened – their AC had, as they had described – “perished”. It was then down to their Property Manager (or second job title, maiden of cool air) to come to the rescue. Without hesitation, and without complete unselfishness Sandra passed on her morning coffee and biscuit to diligently see to the needs of the young men. Believe me when I say this is an extremely unselfish act, she NEEDS that coffee. Sandra took the request of the young, at this point slightly warm and sweaty men, to the gods at be (landlords) and the solution is in progress. The young men could not be happier, they can continue their duties to the world.

So spread the word friends. Sandra Galati is here. No longer shall the tenants of Rentwest fear that they have last experienced the cool air across their faces. No more shall the tenants of Rentwest fear wearing white shirts in the morning in risk of serious sweat stains. Not anymore I say will the tenants of Rentwest have nightmares about the 40 degree days of summer!

As well as Sandra being awesome in this situations it was great to see tenants knowing we have a great sense of humour in the way they addressed the issue and communicated it to Sandra. Rentwest Solutions was in the winner of excellence for communication in the REIWA awards in 2015 and rightly so. We are professional and timely in how we communicate but we are also not robots. We are friendly approachable and we do have a sense of humour shared by many of our tenants!

Check out this transcript from an amazing customer service call from Amazon.

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