Are You A Good Tenant?

We have some great tenants, and it’s our relationship with you that makes all the difference in a successful tenancy.

Every Rentwest property tenant is thoroughly checked and approved before we take a list of potentials to the property owner for their final decision. We make sure we choose the right person or family for each property.

But it’s what happens after the ink dries on the lease agreement that turns a great candidate into a great tenant.

We recently asked a few of our property managers, “What qualities separate an average tenant from a great tenant?” Here are some of their responses.

“Being a good tenant is not all about paying rent on time, its about respecting the property, being diligent with reporting maintenance and working well with the property manager, that’s what makes a happy tenancy for all involved.” – Department Manager Renaye Roebuck.

“A tenant who monitors and reports maintenance issues can be very helpful, as we are not living in the property it’s very hard for us to pick up on all maintenance during routine inspections. A good tenant will report this to us so we can keep the premises to a high standard.” – Angela Whibberley

But we thought the closing words should go to Carly Dunlop, who sums up what a great tenant is and does.

“Communication is the key! The majority of issues and disputes that occur are due to a lack of communication and can easily be avoided. A good tenant is also one that takes pride in their home. Even though they are not the owners, it is still their home and they should respect it and look after it.”

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