2013 In (A Really Quick) Review

January – We got the year started by asking a question: Should you increase your rent?
February – We sweltered through February and shared some important tips for maintaining your pool.
March – iPads became part of our inspection kit.
April – We spent a couple of minutes chatting with Renaye Roebuck.
May – Our very own Esther Nilson was crowned the LPMA Rising Star.
June – There were a lot of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act.
July – It was tax time, so we shared some information about repairs and maintenance and what you can claim.
August – Some of our team members headed to Cambodia to build houses.
September – The state budget was handed down, which caused a bit of a stir in the real estate industry.
October – We reminded owners to get their reticulation and air-conditioner serviced.
November – We had a chat with Custom Financial Solutions’ guru Warren Littlefair about fixed-rate home loans.
December – We were hunting around the metro area for the best Christmas lights.

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