10 Ways To Keep Your Cool This Summer

While we can’t do anything about the oncoming onslaught of hot weather, we can do a few things to save money on power bills and keep our cool.

  1. Keep the hot air out during the day by shutting all doors, windows and curtains. Throw them open in the cool air of the mornings and evenings.
  2. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to put the air conditioner on?” Sometimes just using a fan will do the trick.
  3. Set your air conditioner to 24 degrees during the summer months. Every degree lower will increase your power bill.
  4. Drink plenty of water – our summers are particularly brutal, which means you need to stay hydrated. You can’t sweat (and, therefore, cool down) if you’re dehydrated.
  5. Why pay to cool rooms that are empty? Close doors to rooms that are not in use to keep cool air on the living spaces.
  6. Take cold showers – it may be simple but it’s effective! A three-minute shower works like a charm.
  7. Cook outside – as if we need a reason to have a barbecue! Cooking inside heats up the house, so head outdoors.
  8. Turn off devices not in use – a lot of us spend more time outdoors during the summer, so turn off those electronics that are on standby. Keep in mind that everything with a transformer generates heat.
  9. If your home has a pool make sure you keep the water level topped up and chemicals tested. To ensure the pool is safe check levels regularly.
  10. If it’s been a particularly hot day hand water gardens and lawns. Don’t water in the heat of the day.

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