The Future Of Property Management

As recently as a decade ago leasing and managing a property was very much a face-to-face business.

These meetings and phone calls evaporated time from both hardworking owners and swamped property managers.

Thankfully technology has lent property management a helping hand. Now a lot of our communication at Rentwest can be accomplished using technology, saving precious time and making things simpler, faster and more efficient for everyone involved.


The tools that have propelled these changes are referred to by an industry buzzword: PropTech – which is short for property technology. The term itself, however, is broad and encompasses the new direction our industry is moving in.

For example, people looking for short-term rentals will rifle through Airbnb while those looking for office space will log on to WeWork, rather than browse listings in the old newspaper classifieds. These new listings websites can be categorised as PropTech. It’s not only changing the way we do business, it’s become a multimillion-dollar industry in itself.

Other forms of PropTech can also be used in-house to automate emails to potential customers, alerting them when a property which ticks their boxes appears on the market. It’s also enabled software to become a first point of contact with potential clients – through emails and online forms.

At Rentwest, we are big believers in PropTech. Here are some ways we use technology to advance and simplify our processes:


We know how hard it is to achieve ‘Inbox Zero’ and we have no intention of adding dozens of emails to the hundreds you receive on a daily basis.

When we start to list your property we immediately create a WhatsApp group between the property owner, the business development manager, the property manager and leasing agent. This means communication occurs instantly and directly, solving any issues as they arise.

For the record: our current clients have told us they love this form of real-time communication.


We like everyone to be happy, especially your tenants. Once they do settle into the property – after around six weeks – we send an online survey conducted by RealSatisfied.

We also send tenants a RealSatisfied survey after they vacate the property. We check in on the owners too, to make sure they were happy with us and are happy to work on any suggestions they may have for improvement.

These surveys are quick and easy to complete and allow us to keep improving our services.
Saying that, so far the results have been great with 96.3% of owners revealing that they would use our services again and recommend us to friends and family. And 97.2% of tenants would recommend us too!


We like to answer all of our queries immediately. Instead of keeping you on the phone line or transferring you to voicemail we have a LiveChat function on our website. As soon as you type the query, it will be answered – whether it’s about rent being up to date or viewing times – our admin support agent can help.

The Website

Speaking of our website, there’s not a lot that it can’t do.

Future tenants can book viewing inspections by clicking on the properties that they are interested in. They can apply by using our online application form. Current tenants can log in to the tenant portal to view their ledgers and other documents related to their property.

Property owners can view:

  • A list of their managed properties
  • Reports for current and previous periods
  • Their income and expenditure
  • Invoices and property maintenance details among other relevant documents when they login to the website.

These are just a few of the ways that technology is changing our industry, and improving the service we can provide to landlords and tenants.

Contact our team today for more information on property management in Perth.

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