What Should I Look For In A property Manager When Hiring Them To Manage My Investment?

Apart from your own home an investment property will be your next biggest asset and requires careful consideration when selecting a property manager to manage this investment on your behalf.

I think there are three crucial things you should look for when appointing a property manager.

Strong customer service skills:

A great property manager needs to be a skilled negotiator between yourself as the owner of the property and your tenant.  Finding a tenant for your property is only half the battle and the other half is keeping a good tenant happy.

Great communication:

Communication is extremely important and can be the difference between a good and a great property manager.  It is important your property manager keeps you updated in regards to all aspects of your property, including accurate and honest reporting of routine inspections, relaying any issue with rent arrears and immediate attention given to property maintenance.

Hire an expert:

Ensure your property is in the hands of an expert.  Check if the agent you are appointing is a member of REIWA and ask for details of their experience, time in the industry and any client testimonials they may be able to show you.

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