Inspections now carried out using iPads

As a business, we embrace technology. The Internet, in particular, has really revolutionised the way we get things done. We promote properties online and attract a huge pool of potential applicants. We share listings via Facebook and Twitter. We even take maintenance requests online. We’re connected and that’s a good thing for our business.

So it made sense to take things a step further and implement iPads into our property inspection routine.

This change will benefit you. Here’s how:

  • Inspections are even more thorough, with Property Managers working off a checklist to ensure no aspect of the property is missed.
  • Going digital means we can send property inspection reports to owners more quickly. 
  • We can take digital photos with the iPad and attach them easily to each report. These photos are then stored with the report, making archiving and retrieval much easier.

For us, going digital means moving away from a paper-based system that was both time consuming and costly. Now we spend less time managing the mountain of paperwork and more time managing your property, which is a win-win for everyone.