Have you booked your air-conditioned and reticulation check-up?

It might not seem like it but summer is just around the corner. Before we know it we’ll be languishing through weeks of scorching hot weather.

One thing you don’t want languishing during a heat wave is your air-conditioner or reticulation.  Not only is it tough to get a timely response from a tradesperson during the summer months but these call outs can cost big bucks.

We’d like you to consider a little proactive maintenance.

Now is the ideal time to have your reticulation and air-conditioner serviced. Having this yearly check-up means you’ll prolong the life of both systems and you’ll ensure your tenants have a stress-free summer.

Rentwest are happy to arrange the servicing of your air conditioner and reticulation before the hot weather begins. Interested? Let your property manager know.