Got an old gas appliance?

EnergySafety, WA’s energy watchdog, recently issued a warning about proposed changes to the state’s gas supply and how it may affect older gas appliances.

This year a raft of changes to household supply services will be implemented. Not only will these changes mean an increased security of supply but they will also open up the domestic gas market to more competition – which is a great thing.

To get households ready for these “broader specification” gas changes, EnergySafety is doing free safety checks for all pre-1980’s gas appliances. If it’s found that your appliance poses a safety risk it could be repaired or replaced for free.

The most common gas appliances that may be affected are:

  • cookers, stove tops and ovens
  • space heaters
  • water heaters (storage and instantaneous)

What you should do

Jump online and visit the Gas Appliance program website. The site lists everything you need to know about the proposed changes. You can also fill in a quick form to see if your appliances need to be checked.

If you’re unsure of the age of your gas appliances give the Appliance Rectification call centre a call on 1800 110 464. They’ll be able to put you in touch with a nominated licensed gas fitter who can give you further advice.