Nine Spring-Cleaning Tips

With spring being the season of renewal and rejuvenation, it’s a great time to tackle all of those tasks that have been building up over winter.

We’ve got nine spring-cleaning tips that you can do in one sunny afternoon.

  1. Check your reticulation
    Turn on your reticulation and check that all stations are working as they should. Test the sprinklers, replace any broken ones and make sure your timer is set for your two watering days per week. Please let your property manager know if you have any issues. Don’t put this task off – it’s incredibly difficult to organise a service call-out during the heat of the summer.
  2. Check your air conditioner
    Power on your air conditioner to ensure it is in working order. While you are Clean the air conditioner filters and vents. Remove the filters (as per operating instructions, manuals for most air conditioners can be found online) and give them a good clean to allow your air conditioner to operate more effectively and efficiently.
  3. De-cobweb inside and out
    Halloween may be a few days away, but that doesn’t mean the cobwebs need to stay. Grab a broom and get rid of any cobwebs under eaves and around windows and doors.
  4. Feed your lawn
    Fertilise and use wettasoil on your lawn and gardens rate to allow for better water absorption, reduce infestation of pests and weeds.
  5. Take out those weeds
    Weeds love spring. Be vigilant and remove them from the garden or lawn when you see them sprouting.
  1. Clean scuff marks, hand prints and stains from walls and doors
    We don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to the walls and doors in our home but giving them a once-over with a damp rag will work wonders.
  1. Dust light bulbs and shades
    Another often overlooked cleaning job is dusting light fittings. In most cases you can give them a good brush with a duster. If light fittings need to be cleaned, do so carefully with a microfibre cloth.
  1. Create a spring-cleaning caddy
    Every home should have a house-cleaning caddy stocked with all the tools and supplies you need to clean quickly and efficiently. Here are some great tips for starting your caddy.

Do you have any other spring-cleaning tips to share? Let us know on Facebook.

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