Emergency phone information

Rentwest’s emergency phone is manned seven days a week; but remember, it’s for emergencies only. Unsure of what constitutes an emergency? Here are some examples.

  • No hot water.
  • No electricity or an electrical problem that may cause harm.
  • Severe plumbing issues.
  • Severe damage to the property.

What isn’t an emergency?

  • General repairs or maintenance.
  • Leaking taps.
  • Problems with reticulation.
  • Blocked toilets.
  • Oven/stove not working.

In the event that your property is damaged in a storm, it’s best to call the State Emergency Services on 1300 130 039.

Remember, if you go ahead with a repair that isn’t classed as an emergency, the owner isn’t obliged to pay for it. Always check with your property manager if you are in any doubt.