Can’t pay your rent on time?

Paying your rent on time is one of your most important obligations as a tenant. When you signed your lease we went through your obligations and what’s expected of you in terms of rental payments, but what could happen if you don’t pay your rent on time?

Here are some facts for you:

  • According to the Residential Tenancies Act (1987), if you are behind in paying your rent the owner/agent can take legal action immediately.
  • If you receive a Breach notice for rent arrears, you have no less than 14 days to bring your account up to date. If you pay your rent within this time no action can be taken against you. 
  • If you don’t pay the amount outstanding in 14 days you can be issued with an Eviction notice.

We know that things happen which are out of our control. A big power bill may arrive, your car may break down or your pay may not go into your account on time. Some things you just can’t foresee.

If you think you may have problems paying your rent by the due date, don’t ignore the issue – it could result in a Breach notice. Contact your Property Manager as soon as you possibly can and explain your situation – after all, we’re here to help.