Top five reasons property investors fail

Due to the relative predictability of the rental market and the potential for investment returns, many Australians consider investing in property a safer bet than investing in other types of assets. However, despite the fact Australia is home to over … Continued

Renovating your rental property: why and when

If you’re not getting the results you want to see from your Perth rental, it may be time to make some changes to your investment property. Property renovations can be a great way for investors to increase the appeal and … Continued

The benefits of eco-friendly homes

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian households generate almost one fifth of the nation’s greenhouse gases through everyday energy use and the decay of household waste in landfill. However, as Australian homeowners become more aware of energy consumption … Continued

Changes to overseas property investment in Australia

The 2017 Federal Budget addressed issues such as housing affordability and property vacancy in a bid to ease the pressure off Australia’s rental market. Overseas property investors are one of the groups who have been hit hardest by the new budget. From … Continued

The pros and cons of dual key homes

With an ageing population and an increased demand for property, dual key homes are gaining greater popularity amongst Australian property investors. These relatively new additions to Australia’s property market provide flexible and potentially lucrative options for Perth property owners. As … Continued

Tips for renting your first apartment

Renting an apartment is an exciting time for any first-time renter, but it isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Before you start the search for your new Perth rental apartment, there are a few factors you will need … Continued

Tips for buying your first Perth apartment

Apartments are becoming an increasingly popular investment choice in Australia, particularly amongst young couples and first home buyers entering the property market. If you plan on joining the trend towards community living and buying your first Perth apartment, there are … Continued

How to reduce capital gains tax

When you decide to sell your investment property, the profit you make from the sale (i.e. the difference in value between the time you bought the property and the time you sell it) is known as a capital gain. Whilst … Continued

Repairs and maintenance vs. capital improvements

As a property investor, knowing your entitlements at tax time can make a huge difference to the amount of profit you make on your investment property. If you are renting your property to tenants, you are entitled to a few … Continued

Minimising property investment tax

When you purchase an investment property, you need to think about the potential for returns. Is your property likely to increase in value? Are your rental rates competitive? And are you doing everything you can to minimise your property investment … Continued