Be prepared – Bushfire tips

The catastrophic bushfires in New South Wales have prompted warnings from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Operations Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey about Perth’s own bushfire threat.
“Western Australia will again be faced with a long and challenging bushfire season,” Commissioner Bailey commented during Bushfire Action week. “Recent rainfall has led to higher grass growth and an increase in fuel loads in large sections, which means more vegetation can burn if a bushfire starts.”
If your property is in or near bushland it’s important to be ready for bushfire season. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility. Here are five of the most important things you need to act on now.

  1. Ensure your home has a 20-metre ‘circle of safety’ around it. This area needs to be clear of any debris, rubbish, long grass and other material that may catch fire.
  2. If you have trees close to your property, prune branches that sit lower than two metres off the ground. This will prevent a ground fire spreading.
  3. Ensure your home has the appropriate firebreak for your location. This involves clearing all the vegetation from the boundary of your property. Most local councils have specific firebreak information on their websites.
  4. Keep gutters free from leaves and bark.
  5. Don’t store gas cylinders on the side of the house that faces bushland.

DFES has launched a Bushfire Action site that provides more information on bushfire safety and preparedness.

Remember: the more prepared your property is, the better the chances it will survive a bushfire.